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High ranking on Google creates better business for entrepreneurs in Sundsvall

Did you know that 68% of all clicks go to the first five websites on search engines? It is a known fact that visibility creates great opportunities for companies both in traditional marketing and digital marketing. If your business is not visible on the internet, how will your customers find you? A good SEO-work is more important than you think. There are different ways to reach out to prospective customers through digital marketing, with the most long-term profitable being through good SEO work. Improve your site's visibility on Google with the help of us at Webstr, who have years of experience helping businesses become more profitable.


SEO is considered to be the most profitable strategy in digital marketing

Whether your company is in the process of starting up and building your website and for work with SEO, or simply needs to update and improve existing work, our doors are open to everyone. With long experience and "know how", Webstr as one of Sweden's leading digital agencies in search engine optimization is ready to help you with your next assignment. 

SEO is the result of a number of different strategies put together. These strategies together form a successful SEO effort. Search engine optimization, keyword optimization or SEO optimization is carried out so that your website gets a good ranking by Google and thus appears high in the search results in a natural way. This means that it is not possible to buy a good shave. It has to be earned, so the better the SEO work done, the higher up you will appear. This is also called organic optimization. We search engine optimize your page in Sundsvall so that you can be seen online!

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"To optimize or not to optimize"


How does SEO work in your city

SEO, which is short for "Search Engine Optimization", describes the work of search engine optimization of your site so that you get a top result on the search engines for one or more carefully selected keywords. These keywords are produced through a detailed keyword analysis carried out by our experts. It is important to focus on the right keywords so that your business is visible to the right customers. 

Why is it so important to rank high in the search results? Well, ranking high in the search results results in increased traffic to your website. increased traffic leads to more people doing what you want them to do on your page, or as it's called in digital marketing - converting.


Once we have selected the most relevant keywords for your business, the real work begins. Search engine optimization mainly consists of two things; "on-page" and "off-page" or "backlinks" as it is also called.

On page means optimizing everything that happens on the website, while the work off page with backlinks refers to the work that takes place outside the website. It is very important to have an organized link strategy, that websites with high credibility according to Google link to your page, giving you more credibility and authority.

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Companies in Sundsvall that get hold of SEO at an early stage get significantly better dividends

It goes without saying that companies that prioritize work with search engine optimization also see a positive result from this. Digital work is constantly being updated and there are constant updates at Google. For us at Webstr, it is super important to be constantly updated with news and this is something we prioritize highly. In this way, we can guarantee our customers that they always get the best results and high profitability, as they deserve.


Achieve long-term optimization with the right and relevant content on your website

Homepage's content is just one part of successful SEO. For optimal keyword optimization, you need to look at the whole. An optimally designed and stylish, easy-to-navigate website guides visitors through the entire buying journey to reach conversion. At the same time they experience high ease of use and fast performance is very important.

  • Well-written content that implements carefully selected keywords. Did you know that it takes an average of 2 seconds to get a customer to stay on your site?
  • Content marketing – promoting valuable content from your brand that demonstrates your expertise and increases brand credibility
  • Link-building – placing ethical links to your own website on high authority websites

All of these methods are extremely important parts of a successful SEO strategy. We look forward to helping your company achieve the results you strive for!

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