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"Highly recommend Webstr as we have tested several SEO Companies. They are an SEO agency with great communication, quick results and they always deliver.”


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I'm not big on leaving reviews, but feel I have to share our great experience with Webstr! We are eternally grateful to Webstr for all the hard work, service, feedback and to say the least amazing results! After several different collaborations with different agencies, we have finally found home and it feels fantastic!
Nora Ängberg
Nora Ängberg
Superb service and work! We got help with SEO and saw significant results after just 3 months. Highly recommend Webstr to anyone who wants to be more visible and climb the search results.
Wonderful service, highly recommend!!
Superb service and results. Definitely worth every penny!
Jesper Lundborg
Jesper Lundborg
A very competent web agency that has helped me a lot with my business. Have had bad experiences with agencies in the past, but this time it feels like a hit! Recommended by me.
Peter Malm
Peter Malm
Webstr helped me with advertising and thanks to their help, I got a lot more customers to find me! Strongly recommend.
Stephanie Grahn
Stephanie Grahn
good service, professional & competent staff. Thank you very much for your help!! highly recommended!
peter skogskvist
peter skogskvist
Great staff who helped me kick start my business in the best way! Many thanks for excellent service!
gunilla andersson
gunilla andersson

Questions and answers about search engine optimization in Varberg

Search engine optimization is the most profitable and sustainable strategy for businesses striving to improve their online presence. In contrast to advertising through Google advertising and Facebook advertising, which are fast and can give immediate results, search engine optimization is a more long-term investment that has the ability to increase the searchability and visibility of your company in the long term more economically and affordably.

We at Webstr are proud of our experienced SEO consultants who help their clients reach their goals in digital marketing. By focusing on the customer's needs and expertise in search engine consulting, we have helped with increased turnover and web traffic. Read more about what a search engine consultant can do for you.

Check it out here: SEO consultant

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization in English, a discipline that aims to optimize a website for search engines. Through effective search engine optimization, a website can improve its ranking on search engines, such as Google, and thereby increase its visibility and be attracted to many more users. In Sweden, the terms "search engine optimization", "search optimization" or "keyword optimization" are often used to describe the same thing. If you want to read more about this, click here: 

Search engine optimization

Webstr's experienced SEO specialists are a group of expert consultants who have extensive experience in search engine optimization. They begin each collaboration with a thorough analysis, including keyword analysis, market analysis and competitive analysis, to get the most complete picture possible of your website and your business needs. The analysis is crucial to identify and understand your target groups, competitors and the industry in which you operate.

After SEO analysis, it is determined which keywords are most relevant to the business. This allows you to ensure that the keywords used in the work with SEO or search engine optimization are the most suitable for the specific business.

Read more about SEO analysis here: SEO Analysis

After the SEO analysis has been carried out, it is important to implement the results on the website, this is called On Page SEO. On Page SEO is a cornerstone of effective search engine optimization and it is important to use data from the SEO analysis to determine which keywords should be placed on which subpages.

Read more about On Page SEO here: On Page SEO

As an example, if we have an e-commerce that sells clothes with the address, then there is a separate URL for men's clothing with the addressäder. To optimize our On Page SEO, it is important to include all keywords related to menswear within this group category.

Technical SEO is a fundamental part of the search engine optimization of a website. It's about improving the technical side of a website to improve its searchability and user experience. This includes actions such as fixing broken links and 404 errors (the page cannot be found), optimizing javascript files to avoid unnecessarily heavy load on the website and ensuring that media such as images and videos are in an optimal format for a fast and smooth user experience.

Read more on Technical SEO here: Technical SEO

Search engines use a number of factors to determine the strength of a website, with Google as an example. In addition to On page SEO, links to the website are a decisive factor. This indicates that your website is well visited and frequently mentioned. This can increase your value in search results and lead to better ranking positions.

Here you can read more about link strategy: link strategy

The cost of search engine optimization varies greatly between industries and companies. A small local business, like a tailor in a small village, can expect a lower price picture compared to a website that wants to rank high and compete with big companies. In such cases, where the competition is high, the price of search engine optimization increases significantly.

So the answer to the price question can be answered with two questions.

  1. How much are your competitors investing in search engine optimization?  
  2. How quickly do you want to see results?

Keyword analysis, market analysis and competition analysis are included in our price for SEO optimization. We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your website to discover opportunities to develop relevant keywords. We also offer free implementation on your WordPress site. To ensure our customers have full knowledge of their website, we also install tags to measure conversions (when a visitor performs an action on your website). You get all this included in the price of our SEO optimization, at no extra cost.

In order for us to provide our services as an administrator for your company's website, you must have linked it Google Analytics and Google Search Console. If it has already been done, it is enough to invite us. Should you need help connecting your website, we will fix it at no extra cost. Webstr web agency always strives to make the process as smooth and fast as possible.

As soon as we have a signed agreement, we start work. We expect the SEO analysis to be completed within 2 weeks, sometimes even faster.

Although keyword optimization takes time, you can already see results in the ranking after a couple of months. A complete ranking (1-5) usually takes longer, between 6-12 months, depending on the industry and the scope of the package.

Through reporting, the progress of the work is shown in terms of optimization. Follow-up meetings can take place in the form of physical meetings, video meetings or phone calls.

Sweden's Best SEO Agency has an honest approach to its customers and always strives to deliver the little extra. Regardless of the package size the customer chooses, the most important thing for them is to show the best results. Placement at a web agency, SEO agency or digital marketing agency does not matter, the focus is always on being the number one SEO expert.

Our head office is located in Kungsbacka, but we deliver our digital services all over Sweden. Our customers are located in the cities mentioned below.


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